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Soulta: Double Smart towel 3in1 - BLACK

Soulta: Double Smart towel 3in1 - BLACK

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Soulta’s Smart Towel 3 in 1 – Muslin 100% cotton + Microfiber – Black

 The right choice can make all the difference in our hair care routine. Soulta’s Smart Towel has created the perfect solution to go along with you from start to finish in the drying process. The secret of our towel lies in its meticulously crafted design: one side is made of 100% muslin cotton, perfect for absorbing just the right amount of moisture from your hair. The other side is made from microfiber, ideal for drying delicate, highly porous hair while enhancing curls that need a hand with extra definition.
Recommended by top beauty professionals.


How to Use:
1. Turban Towel: It features a snap button for secure fastening, making it the perfect ally for ‘the plopping technique’, achieving perfect curls.
2. Finishing and bringing your curls to life: Ideal for finishing and stimulating curls but also works wonders for straight hair.
3. Convenient drawstrings: With its handy drawstrings, you can let your hair air dry or use them to aid in the finishing process by placing the towel over your shoulders, avoiding getting your clothes wet.

Measuring 75cm x 55cm, Soulta’s Smart Towel is suitable for hair of all lengths and comes highly recommended by curly hair experts. Its gentle touch and muslin 100% cotton composition ensures that only water is absorbed, preserving your hair’s health.

Thanks to its double-layered fabric, this towel absorbs water perfectly, making the ideal addition to your hair care routine.
If you were unsure which was the right towel for your hair, look no longer! Soulta’s Smart Towel delivers it all and you can invest in a single towel, 3 in 1 and enjoy all the benefits of both cotton and microfiber.



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